Make movie clip align at bottom and 100% width

I have a movie clip that I would like to appear aligned to the bottom of the browser and to be 100% of the width. I want to have a fixed height on the clip and do not want to make my entire file 100% - just this particular movie clip. I am unsure of how to go about this. Any ideas?

You want that in you html file ? Just make a table align bottom with 100 % width and put your swf…and that’s it…if i understood well what you want.

i think the only possible solution to your question would be to have your moviclip that you want to have 100% width as a separate swf with a transparant background and overlay it over the top of your other main file…
but this generates interaction problems between this movieclip and the rest of your file…
as for the aligning at the bottom of the page thing? do wat asthyanax sed ^^


so, there is no way to just give a movie clips specific attributes of being aligned to bottom and 100% width?

I have found a site that does something similar to what I would like to do. Here is the link:

I am not sure exactly how he did this, but I believe it could be done by giving specific attributes to a clip - such as align at bottom of the stage and make the width equal to the stage width. Unfortunately, I don’t really know how to go about doing this.

Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

tables and %s is my quick-glance-guess