Makin ipa file of swf file(which loads external swf files )

Hi, i have 4 images on my title page, using as3 mouse events, whenever i will going click on particular image, particular swf file will be loaded.

Up to this is working fine. but we know that i need to keep all swf file which i’m externally loafing on mouseevent, should be in only one folder where i 'm saving my Title.fla file.

But to make ipa file from swf file , we just take only main file. but we know if i’ll take only Title.swf, and made ipa of that, it will not work becauz he will not get all other swf files path , which are being loaded on image click .

Is there any body who knows how to make ipa file from swf , help me out from this problem.

Praving G