Making a button stay on over state

Hi i’ll try to explain myself , i have 8 buttons in a menu and i want the first button to be the same color of when is in over state let’s say #00FF68 and then when i click on a different button it will go in that color and the other button will stay in their normal color…i am trying but i can’t do it , i did once something similar with _alpha(_root.b1_alpha=50) but i can’t do it with color and i don’t even know if it can be done like that at all.
Basically my menu loads with the 1st swf loaded and the 1st button should be on the color of his over state(so i need to put the action on the frame) and then each time you click on a different button it will go to the over state and the other buttons will be in their normal state.
Sorry it’s very confusing but i am italian and i flash ling is not that good.
Thanks 4 any help or tutorial you can direct me to.