Making a CD need some HELP :)

Here are some FS Commands I tracked down.

on (release) {
fscommand (“exec”, “file.exe”);

fscommand(“fullscreen”, “true”);

on (release) {

I am wanting to have the presentation expand full screen,
with a color behind it, then play. Upon playing the ending
section I want it to automatically close.

Q1) Is this code correct?
Q2) I am unsure how or where to enter this into my flash movie.

thanks a million,

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Do you want the file to automatically load up when the disk is put in? If so you’ll need an Autorun.ini file, as far as making it fullscreen and making it exit those 2 fscommands are correct.

Hey thanks!

I tried it and it works

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Do you know of anyway to by pass the issue of “someone not having autoplay turned on”? Is there a nice little recipee for making the autoplay .ini work on multiple os?


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mac osx doesnt have the ability to use an autorun to my knowledge its been disabled but mac os9 and earlier support autorun function you just got to specify wch file is on autostart, also you need to burn the cd on a mac so it will be in its native file format or youre gonna have to have some mac emulation appz or utilities to produce the cd on a windows based pc here you can find more info on how to make a bootable hybrid cd rom for both OS mac user forum you can get some help there or do some googling you will find some helpfull tools and tutorials

Good Luck


Thanks dude,

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