Making a guestbook with Flash

Hey all!

I am making a guestbook with flash. So integration of Flash with ASP, access database, XML…

I don’t know if this is a good idea, but this is what i’m doing:

[] User uses flash interface to enter fields such as name and comments.
] The flash then does loadvars.send() to an ASP page.
[] The ASP page adds the name and comments to an Access Database.
]The ASP page then queries with SQL all the entries in the database, and responds by writing on the screen the entries in XML format.
[*] Flash then uses xml load() to format how the entries are shown in flash. [/LIST]

Now, most of it works fine with my newbie actionscripting =)
Just one problem though…

[INDENT]If the ASP prints onto the browser screen something like <gb>…<entry><name>somename</name><body>somecomment</body></entry>…[repeat]…</gb>
(so via using “>” and “<” when using Response.Write), the Flash doesn’t recognise the “<” and “>” so it doesn’t work.
[/INDENT] [INDENT]If the ASP Response.Write doesn’t use the “>” but uses “>” instead, then those < and > signs don’t pring onto the browser, but it’s present if you do View Source. In this case, the Flash seems to recognise the “<” and “>” but only ONE ‘entry’ is fed into the swf…
so even tho there are many <entry>…</entry>, it only sees one of them, then the </gb> tag…
Am I meant to use “>” of “>”?How do i make it see all of them? ??

(Please tell me if I haven’t explained this problem well enuff…)