Making a variable accessible globally?

Hey guys, was wondering if theres a quick and easy solution to this problem… I am grabbing information from an XML file and displaying it in a convenient yet compact swf… Right now, i ran into a roadblock where I am using information obtained from the XML to control the width of a tween. However, since the tween is in a different function I can’t access it… Here is a breakdown of my code…

function onComplete(evt:Event)
    var xdata:XML = new XML(;
    //Career Stats Page
    var ceasy:Number = xdata..primary_slot.career_percent_easy;    
    var cmedium:Number = xdata..primary_slot.career_percent_medium;    
    var chard:Number = xdata..primary_slot.career_percent_hard;    
    var cexpert:Number = xdata..primary_slot.career_percent_expert;    
    var cew = Math.round((ceasy / 100) *  121);
    var cmw = Math.round((cmedium / 100) * 121);
    var chw = Math.round((chard / 100) * 121);
    var cexw = Math.round((cexpert / 100) * 121);

My graphic’s max width is 121 so these calculations take the percent - and caluclate it into how wide it would be on a scale of 121…

Here is the tween…

    function onMotionStopped(event:TweenEvent):void { 
    easybar.alpha = 1;
    var tw4:Tween = new Tween(easybar,"width",Strong.easeIn,1,cew,2,true);
    rightarrows.alpha = 1;

cew isn’t able to be accessed though and since im pretty new to flash/as3 I am a bit confused… I have googled global varaibles and so far the only thing ive found is creating an entire package- which i don’t quite understand… Any help at all is greatly appreciated :x hopefully this isn’t as difficult as i’m thinking it could be…