Making a website work

Hey guys,

I would consider myself beginner to intermediate in Flash, I’ve made one game and several animations, and just recently took up the task of making a flash website for some of my friends (and not for money). There is a *lot *of information I have to get through right now, I think I’m understanding it all, but I do have some questions. Firstly, I think the intro to my site would be the regular “This site requires Flash Player 9” etc. Now, if I’m using Flash 8, would you just say you need the ‘latest’ Flash Player? How do you detect the version of their flash player? And also, I’d like this screen to disappear after the first time people go to the site, I think I know how to do this with storing info on the persons computer (I remember something about Flash cookies and external data). Second question is, how do people deal with different resolutions? I’m guessing that unless your site is all vectors (which mine isn’t), you have to do it in a special way, but I can’t seem to figure out how, I want it to work for everyone!