Making an swf check its own web URL

Hey all,

Is there any way to make a flash movie check its own URL? Say if I had a file at, could the flash file return a string containing “”? Reason being I’ve never thought about flash security much before, but I’ve recently had someone lift a direct copy of one of my games, without using a decompiler. If the game could check to see if it was located, then it could match it up with where it should be and then stop working.

I am aware that there are decomilers, I am also aware that nothing is 100% thief-proof (theres always someone who says that :D), but I write so much extra hidden code and wierd checks in my games that I can barely understand it myself, and decompiling and reassembling it would be very very very difficult. I’ve tried.

So yeah, anyway to check its own full URL for future projects? :thumb: