Making flash stop like a slide show and advance with a click

Hello again,\rI was wondering how do you make a flash presentation.\rLets say you want it to start a little animation then you want it to start with a mouse click and sort of act like a ppt.\r\rPlease help.\rThanks \rSara

What’s a ppt?

a ppt=powerpoint file. \rgot any ideas \r\r:)

What you could do is, use a Movie Clip and use the mouseDown event.\r\rWhat you do is right hand click on a Movie Clip (or make a new Movie clip) then select “Actions” and this will open up the Object Actions editor. just use the following code:\r\r---------------------------\ronClipEvent(mouseDown){\r/* have your code do whatever, like using the play(); function */\r\r\r}\r\r--------------------------\r\rBasically this will detect any mouse click, that way you have have it play or do whatever like Powerpoint does.\r\r=)\r\r~D