Making Game In Action Script Based on _Bruno`s Tutorial

Hello guys

I am a spanish student of a Videogames carrer. I first wanted to thank _Bruno for his tutorial on how to do a Vertical Shooter (

After trying it and being able to make it work I wanted to ask for some help or advice.I am trying to do a Pang like game.Although I have the essentials settled up, I had some questions.i will try to explain them as good as possible in English.

First of all, I wanted to now what code should I use to make a visual effect when killing the target.In the tutorial when you kill the dragon, it dissapears.If I wanted a blood splash or something similiar when I hit the target, what code or how would I have to do it??

The hard part is the next one.In the tutorial, when you throught the arrow it goes all the way and then dissapears when it hits the target or the end of the screen.

I wanted to try the next thing.

Instead of being the Knight throwing an arrow I wanted to be the Knight the one thrown.

I will try to explain it better.I have created a platform with an arrow hanging.That arrow will be the one that is going to be shoot, so it will hang out or thrown from the platform and go all the way to the end of the screen.I will like that, as soon as the arrow dissapears, either by hitting a target or the end of the screen,that it will respawn again in the platform.How will we the code used or how will I have to make the animation??

The last is about jumping from stage to stage.I will to create a score limit, and when you reach that limit, that the game will send you to the next stage, with different background, different “dragons” etc.

All this codes should be kind of based on the general code of the tutorial of _Bruno as I will like to continue from that code

If anyone can give me a hand, please answer to this post or email to [email protected] with subject Game in Action Script.

thank you in advance