Making layers not transparent

Is there a way? Say I have two layers with a square in each of them. They are on top of each other but I only want the top-layer to show. How can I prevent the bottom layer of showing through the top-layer? I want it to gradually show when the top-layer/square slides off.



you could just create another layer below the one you want to show, above the one you want to hide, and place a square of fill on that layer.

layers themselves though must be transparent.

Thanks, but that will only make it more complicated since I wan’t the lowest layer to come into as the top-layer slides off.

The funny thing is that I’ve made a movieclip where I do this sliding thing and when I hit enter to preview the movie it works great. Then, when I insert the movieclip in the main timeline all the layers in the movie are suddenly transparent!?

I find this very illogical, why should they behave differently?

Any ideas?