Man i am witty

Haha… I’m doing a project on hydroelectric power and I Just made this and I’m all proud of myself cuz it’s witty… go me

that is freak’n great…you need to put that on a flyer or some kinda print work…very good!!! BUt me being over observant…I can see the seem or where it is attached but I was lookin hard.

yeah… but i printed it all itsy pitsy for the project im doin so you cant tell…
but i did like a 20 second cut out job with the magic wand tool set to like 2billion tolerance… but i should refine it a little bit

that’s cool.:slight_smile:

sometimes random ideas can turn into something useful:thumb:

spanks replode:beam:

Nice job ,xxviii, looks great! :beam:

huh? whats under it? i donno. did you make all this? if so than man thats great. but otherwise i dont get it. sorry :frowning:

he’s doing a report on hydroelectric power, which is power created by running water (ie. rivers). the water is going into the plug, which represents power. :smirk:

please correct me if im wrong 8]

sounds right to me replode…

nice job XXVIII =) it actually is witty!

yup thats right replode

sheesh dipster… get it right

and thanks for the nice comments everyone

haha i like the ‘concept’ :slight_smile:

‘thanks’ ahmed

‘lol’ :stuck_out_tongue:


ok i see it now, i just couldnt really tell what the hell that black blob was. i had a feeling it was that though. very nice now that i see it! great idea

ahmed your footer is great!..That image is cool man. good idea

ahmeds footer beats anything i could ever do… its amazing

LOL :beam:
thanks :wink:

My second entry for the contest is being cooked now, but not as ceative as the one i have now :wink:

when will it be up ahmed?
you know… its really hard to think of a nickname for ahmed…

med… ah… me… hme…
its too hard

lol… true :beam:

i’m not exactly sure when will it be up… but shouldb’t be too long… :slight_smile: