Management console for uploading images and text

Hi to all guys,
first of all, sorry for my english.

I’m in trouble, because i need to build a site for a customer who needs an uploading file system, but i can’t handle it.

He wants to have the possibility to upload images and text that will be visible in another page of the site. These are the offers of his shop, that will be shown as a list in another mc. This console should be invisible for visitors (i’ll use a password system to prevent accesses).

I know there are many examples and tutorials for this (“flash upload file” in google), but im a newbee in programming and i really can’t figure out how to solve this problem.

It could be even a php system. I don’t care about graphics cause it would be invisible for visitors. What i care is that those images and text are reported in that “offer list” mc.

Finally, is possible to have an auto resize (pixels and kbs) of the images?

Maybe i’m asking too much (sorry), maybe is easy for an expert, i don’t know.
Too sad my programmer is gone…

Thanks in advance!