Managing sound

Is there any way to manage the volume of a complete movie. I mean, a sentence that applies to all sounds playing and sounds that are not playing yet.

I´m trying to manage some sounds that must be inserted on the timeline in stream mode. I must can set all sounds to volume zero without stopping them. They have to keep running.

I know that if I call the sounds by actionscript without inserting them on the timeline is easy to do. but this time I just have to use it this way.

i just need help! urgently…

ActionScript Code:
[FONT=Courier New][LEFT][COLOR=#000000]var[/COLOR] snd:[COLOR=#0000FF]Sound[/COLOR] = [COLOR=#000000]new[/COLOR] [COLOR=#0000FF]Sound[/COLOR]COLOR=#000000[/COLOR];[COLOR=#808080]//if you assign Sound object to _root it will work even with strem sound inserted on the timeLine[/COLOR]