Manchester Webdesign Company - 2007/08

Hopefully if all goes well with the funding I will be starting up a Web Design company in Manchester by the last quarter of 2007, or the first quarter of 2008.

Right now I’m just gathering contacts, I’m going to be fixing interviews for around October, November. I’m looking for 2 staff, preferably both proficient in web design (graphical side) and comfortable with PHP coding.

I’ll be completely honest, its going to be a slow startup with company so I’m going to be taking on candidates on a lower startup wage (around £10-12,000) but this will be a lot of peoples foot in the door of the commercial industry so please bare that in mind when you apply. Wages are most likely to increase in the first 6 months depending on business.

Any extra skills or software proficiencies will be put in your favour (eg Illustrator, 3D Studio Max, .NET, ASP, MySQL, Flash) so please sell yourself.

At the moment this is just in the works so I do understand that by the time I get round to contacting people most of you may be already in employment.

Please send an email to me - [email protected] and PM me a copy of it - the website will be up shortly. Give as much detail as possible, including contact numbers.