Manipulating Text Fields

hi. i’ve got a ‘for’ loop which creates a calendar. it works good. now i want it to recognize the current day and highlight it. here’s the code. the problem area is the very last if/else statement at the bottom.

the variables:

// Set the Initial Values for the Date Objects
	now = new Date();
	today = now.getDate();    
	month = now.getMonth();   
	year = now.getFullYear(); 
	// First Date of Month
	firstDate = new Date (year, month, 1);
	firstDay = firstDate.getDay();

        // Last Day of Month
	lastDate = new Date(year, month+1, 0);
	lastDay = lastDate.getDate(); 

the layout:

for(var j:Number=1; j <= lastDay; j++){
	// Create the Empty Movie Clip
	var dateClip:MovieClip = _root["dateClip"+j];
	// Create a Text Field Inside them
	// Set Text Field Properties
	dateClip["thisDate"+j].selectable = false;
	dateClip["thisDate"+j].border = true;
	dateClip["thisDate"+j].text = j;
	// Define the Formatting
	var format:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
	format.align = "center";
	// Position the Clips
	dateClip["thisDate"+j]._x = indColWidth * firstDay;
	dateClip["thisDate"+j]._y = startThiRowYPos;
	// If it's Saturday, Increment the Week Count
	if (firstDay == 7) {
		firstDay = 0;
		startThiRowYPos += 25;
// If it's today, give the text field a background fill
if(today && month && year){
	// give it a background fill
	dateClip["thisDate"+today].border = true;
	dateClip["thisDate"+today].background = true;
	dateClip["thisDate"+today].backgroundColor = 0xCCCCCC;

the area right above here is the problem area.
i figured part of it out. now i can get the date to have a background but, for example, today’s the 21st and now the 21st of every month is highlighted.

any help is always appreciated.

thanks. - fumeng.