Manipulating the individual objects in a movie clip

I know there is a way to manipulate the objects that are within a movie clip, but what’s the syntax for it? For example, if i have a movie clip that consists of 4 squares, how would move just one of those at a time, separate from the other 3?

If you have a movie clip called images and inside that clip there are other mcs called square1, square2 and square3.

To target square 1, you would use:


If you were calling square1 from images, you could just use “square1” but it’s best to use the full paths - it’s good practice.

If you don’t call the squares inside images by means, of buttons, etc, you could use different actionscript for each square. For example one rotates, one fades in and out, the other does nothing.

Controlling different objects inside an mc is not difficult.

Thanks. Yeah, i know it’s pretty easy, i just didn’t know the correct syntax to use.

HINT: if action panel is opened… you can use “insert a target path” bution (picture of target)…
if you have named eny instance…
you will fined it hare…


That will work, but it will insert the tellTarget command into the script, which has been phased out. You should use the _root.clipnme.action(), like _root.clip1.gotoAndStop(1);.

… That will work… and it dose’nt insert the tellTarget for me…

I use MX and hear first time such a thing…

(check your options/version)
couse a dont think much about properly targeting obgect… all i do is use this bution and it dosent make mistakes … (people usualy do…)


I was thinking of when I used to use tellTaret() and use the target button to target the mc.

Quote: “People usually do…”

Wasn’t a mistake, just an associated the button with an old habbit.

… I wanted to say that people can mistipe right path,… and mashine cant… :slight_smile: