Manny's Weekly Rant (Ep. 1)

[r]When you’re finding the particular solution to a nonhomogeneous equation and you get an unknown constant (which is all/most of the time), you don’t use the solution equation of the whole differential equation as a basis for finding that unknown constant! You have to substitute the particular solution with the unknown constants into the original differential in order to find that constant. ARGH!!!

There goes 3 well deserved points.


gets me everytime

me too… i mean geeze… everytime I’m going to find a solution to nonhomogeneous equations… it just gets me every time… so frustrating… so… frustrating

Maybe it’s a problem the ummmm…nope that can’t be it. Or us could be the hmmmm…don’t think so. Wait, I know the fix…errr maybe not. Take the constant multiplied by the…that thing…you know…the one that controls the original differential and ummmm…nevermind that causes another unknown problem. Take the equation and pass it through that hmmmm…thingy that does stuff, it’s call the ummm yea, thingy. Yeah, just do that and you equation should have no problems with subsituting the ummm…you know, stuff.

smash a puppy.

works for me every time.