Marines Game

Hey people,

I’m not very good at programing games in AS and i really want to make a game
and im making one at the moment called Marines and i need to be show how to
[]Walk around where u rotate
]Shoot the way your facing
[]Kill enimes
]Enemies Shoot at you
[]You cant walk off screen
]u cant walk into walls or boxes
[/list]Also please can u make a health system just a text box in the top left hand corner which starts at 100 and decrease 20 when u get hit and when it goes to zero it goes to a game over scene I have enclosed an FLA which has some quick drawing

Well instead of having someone just do it all for your right away why don’t you read some tutorials so you can learn to do it yourself? Check the stickies for links to some tutorials.

That sounds like a very indepth game to be starting out with. I agree with Elbudster.

yes burt boy there are tuts here iknow thta cover all of thta stuff except the box and wall this which there must be at least 50 posts covering that

Ok maybe i could learn some off tute like wlaking and walls thats easy its just thati cant find a shooting script for where ur facing like if ur facing right it shoots right


heres the shooting script thats pretty simple
assuming the space key is the key that will activate the gun try this

onClipEvent (enterFrame){
if (Key.isDown(Key.SPACE)){
if (player._rotation= 0){
if(player._rotation= 90){
if(player._rotation= 270){
if(player._rotation= 180){

theres more to it than just this such as duplicating movie clips through actionscript and whatnot… but this is a basis to start from… keep on coding!