Mask Display Issue

Hello All,

I have a problem getting a bitmap image (jpg) that is on a layer by itself which resides behind a masked layer which is not showing up on any browser on Mac OS X but does show up on browsers on Windows XP Pro. On the mac all that can be seen is the action that supposed to be exposed via the masked layer. Is there an issue with Mac OS X where the mask will cause bitmaps on unmasked layers below a masked layer NOT to appear?

If so is there a work around of any kind for this bug. I have searched and searched and all I find are isues with Flash 8 related to _alpha effects or msking text. My issue is with bitmap image (jpg) as mentioned above!

Have also tried placing the frames that make up the mask shape and the object being masked into a movie clip and then placing that on the root wheras those frames were initially on the root, but that made no difference either!

Thanks in advance for any help with this annoying issue!! :hair: JD