Mask Edge Fade

Can anyone tell me how to create a mask that has smoothly faded edges?

Can’t be done as far as i know. But there is a work around. If your background is a solid color, you can use a block (or whatever shape) that’s a gradient made up of the color of the background (as both colors) with one of those colors’ alpha turned to 0%. Lay this over whatever you want to mask. I know it’s a less than perfect solution but it’s the only thing i can think of to suggest.


I found a tutorial about it that I may try tonite:

take a look and tell me what you think. I see it as a major cheat and not really what I need.

BUT would a smoothed edge on whatever the masking layer’s content is not get the effect? Or does it become completely opaque when it is used as a mask? I am going to test this and see what results I get.

Yes it can be done! i wrote a tutorial especially for Kirupa on it!

Hope that helps!

That tutorial’s just a simple mask. Wish7 said that he was trying to make a mask with faded edges.