Mask help! rephrased

I wanted to mask an object (pic) with one that is not totally solid. I wanted the mask to be concentric circles. I made concentric file in illustrator, saved it as a .gif with transparency and imported it into my fla. I used it as a mask and animated it to move from left to right on top of the picture layer.

In the .fla, when unlocked (but still selected to be a mask layer), it seems to work great. Soon as I lock the layers though, the mask is solid… no transparent areas

can I make a mask that is not completely solid? I thought that was possible… …:frowning:

Well, a mask is something that simply defines the shape of the are you want to be seen. It is possible however to have a gradient fill type mask. I think this was covered in an earlier thread somewhere. I’ll see if I can find it…

I never use masks much. I came across this example of doing “cheating” using a movie clip with a hole in it as a mask

thank you both!! I’m right now checking out the :))