Mask Mask my AS*k

The Kirupa Mask tutorial sucked, anyone got a better one? In addition, I was just wondering how to do the “Enter the mind of a Genius” text effect:

just because you didn’t understand it, or it didn’t help you doesn’t mean that it sucks. Which tutorial are you talking about? And why didn’t it help you? and what text effect are you talking about?

mask mask my as*k! I found the tut very helpful, I did understand it though, and yes it all works nicely… nice tut! :slight_smile:

The Kirupa Mask tutorial sucked
Espèce de sous-merde…

pom 0]

pom please tell me what that means? I’ve guessed about six things so far, and I know they will all be wrong :slight_smile:

Check your mail…

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lol!! merde, is the key word for me :slight_smile:

Ce qui? Vous êtes disant moi suis espèce de merde? Homme, je sais le français aussi bien, ainsi ne tire pas cette baise sur moi.

Mais ne m’obtenez pas le mal, je ne veux pas être vos ennemis, parce que je suis juste un internaute novice, que vous les types sont un groupe d’“aînés” fonctionnant autour dans les forum. Veuillez m’aider. Comment faire l’effet d’effect(mask de foudre)? Y a-t-il de autres cours d’instruction de masque? Merci.

hey! you might be a novice, just give the tut a few more goes.Believe me it’s a good tut!

Sorry for writing that in French, I just thought you a little crude, that’s all.
Check this…onblur.asp

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Thanks a lot, I’ve understand the trick, MASKING MA HOMMET!

Masking was one of the 1st tut’s I did & the reason I kept coming back to Kirupa. Give it some time, keep doing it over & over again until it makes sense to you. It’s worth the effort.