Mask/Movie Clip Prototype

Hello everyone. First, sorry for my English.

There are a lot of cool effects for flash involving mask/images on the net. I look for long time, but can’t find good prototype for this type of effects. There are a lot of tutorials on how to do it. But that not what I’m looking for.

I know there is a lots of peoples on this forum who very good in AS. Why not try to build one of this prototype rights in this topics together? I sure we can make it and everyone will only benefit from it.

If someone up for it, I will made and upload some small MC with tween, we can use as editable example of maskMC.

There is a some requirements (many of them optional, but it nice to hove some customizable settings)

[]MaskMC clip (with tween shape) must be residing in library with linkage name/ID, and be called/attached to any movie clip when needed.
]MaskMC must be able unload itself from stage when image/mc already revealed.
[]After called from library, maskMC must attach itself to the masked movie clip and resize itself to masked mc dimensions and positions.
]It must be passable to use maskMC for dynamically created/loaded MC
[*]Ability to use dynamical generated grid (from single maskMC movie clip, with dublicatemovieclip command) with delay of appearance and custom size. Not sure if it passable, but nice to have this future. Because of customizable appearance in the future settings.

This all I can think of for now. If anyone wants to add some idea, you always welcome.