Mask tutorial thingy

Hello, i had a go at the mask tutorial on this website yesterday as it looked very cool.

But on my one, i have a faint rotating square where the background graphic can still be seen a little bit… Any idea’s how i would get rid of it ?

u can see it here…epage.html

(i know cacca’s a swear word in some language but its my nickname ok hehe)

Thanks for any help.

I don’t see what you mean. It looks fine !
Caca does have a bad meaning in my language, by the way
0] pom

I thought it did have a bad meaning! :open_mouth: hehe

Around the cente ‘cacca’ theres a faint revolving square…

I can see it but maybe others wont notice it, but i’m just a perfectionist!

its buggin me a bit tho i cant understand why its doin it.

oh well :slight_smile:

I see it!

Okay, I don’t really see it.

But now I do see it!!!

But then I didn’t.

but wait are you talking about what seems to be the outline of the rotating clouds?
They look like real thin white line maybe a little tranparent? The only place I see them is on the grid background.
can’t really tell what the problem is maybe make your mask larger then test it out again.

Good luck,