Masked MC resets, at mask's animation next keyframe. Bug?

Hello people!
I am using Flash MX 2004 and I have encountered the following problem:

I use a movieclip object (called picHolder) to load external images with loadMovie method. (the loadmovie code is at _root level frame, and the picHolder is contained in a movieclip) The picHolder is masked by a shape tween. When the shape tween reaches its next keyframe (any keyframe), the picHolder “looses” the loaded image (it reacts as if it resets or something…).

If I replace the shape tween I am using as animated mask, with a movieclip that contains the mask animation, then buttons contained in movieclips masked by it, don’t work at all (they behave as stopped movieclips).

What is wrong? Do I miss something?!?!?!

Put the mask in a movieClip, so that you have the mask and picHolder in one frame

Thanks a lot rhamej!

I actually done that and it worked. Generally, I realized that animated masks (even simple ones) should be applied to content as “stable” (non movable) movie clips, if the masked content has dynamic pictures.