i would like to see a tutorial on masks. there is an example of what i’m talking about all over this site. when you click on the MEDIA page, you see the outline of the band members, and then their pics come up. i want to know how to do this. :to:

this is an awesome flash site.


that has nothing to do with masks. They’re just flashing images. One is their photo and the other is the silhouette. One flashes, then the other and presto, its the effect you see on that site.

ya, your right. thanks, so you could just do the sillouette in photoshop and import it in to flash right? sorry, i’m a “beginner expert” in flash. :thumb:


yeah, you could do that. But it would be far smaller in size if you took that original image and just manually traced around it within Flash. You can make a solid flash (vector) shape for that and be far less in file size in comparison to the photoshop alternative… though, admittedly, it might take a little more time to do :wink: