Mass Mailers / Newsgroup Mailers

I need to send mailings out to some of my customers, I have had over 2,000 in total. I have tried a few different mailers from but even with the popular ones I have had indifferent results to say the least.

The one I am using at a moment (auto mailer) is ok and it is free. However, I am currently connecting through a router, and it won’t send any mail unless I diconnect from my router and connect via modem. A total hassle basically. Even then only about 50% of mailings are successfull. Hotmail and AOL block it out completely…

The Kirupa Forum are a knowledgeable lot, and less face it - you… we are geeks :stuck_out_tongue:
I am sure some of you must be in a similar situation so I am looking for some recommendations, please help!