Matching CSS background img w/ swf bg, et al

Hopefully that title wasn’t too confusing. I’ve just joined if you haven’t noticed and wanted to express my admiration for all the skills on these pages and links. Much inspiration has already been delt on my humbled mind. Thanks and onto the questions!

Visit the file in question here

  1. on this dude’s site, Beyond the Pixel , he/she’s got the style sheet repeating a trend gif. I created one myself and have got it working on my htm file. Problem is, I want to be able to get the htm repeated image to seamlessly blend into my swf file. How did BTP do it?

I assume I need to estimate the pixel distance (the repeated gif I’m using is 5x5 pixels) then absolute place the swf file using proper css placement code. Then I’d just start that same gif in flash on the movie’s edge and repeat it across the movie (x and y). I think I’m right on the former, but feel that I’m being to simplistic in the latter. Ayuda, ¡gracias!

  1. I followed this tutorial on preloaders. Got it to work, even managed to get it to load vertically and change the size of the loadBar. Problem, and it may not be on true publishing, but when I test the movie, the preloader does its deal but right before it goes to frame 3 to display a ND picture, a little green box pops up in the upper left of the frame. It does this every time. I’m using Flash MX '04 on a G5. Got any suggestions?

Thanks gals and guys! I look forward to many more posts and discussions.

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