Math.random() question


I have created a tween with actionscript that moves a movie clip of a cityscape along the x axis whenever the mouse is clicked.

This is my code

var skylineTween:Tween=new Tween(skyline_mc,“x”, Regular.easeInOut, skyline_mc.x,Math.floor(Math.random() * (-1022 - -16) ) + -3,2,true);

Right now it generates a random number from between -1022 and -16 (positions along the x axis).

However, sometimes the skyline movie clip only moves a few pixels and looks boring.

I added 200 pixels to the movement (Math.random() * (-1022 - -16) +200 ) and it looks better. However, sometimes this slides the movie clip past -1022 or -16 and off the stage.

How can I set the value to +200 without passing -1022 or -16?

Any help is greatly appretiated!