Is it true that Matrix II and III will be released within a month of each other?

They’re holding off release on the sequel until next year!

What I’d really like to see is Neo vs. Episode II’s Yoda!


i havent’ heard anything about them being released within a month of each other but I doubt they would do that because it would be bad business. The only thing I heard about II and III was that at one point they were planning on not releasing them at all because of Alliyha (i spelled that wrong I know…)

I read that rumour too, I think it may be true, where would something so crazy come from?!

As for not releasing them, if they dont, they are stupid, stupid, stupid people.

No, they ARE releasing them.

The trailer for it before Epi II showed the titles of both films (part II and III) and simply said “2003.”

I think it’s true.


I’m pretty sure they will be releasing them because I know they found replacement for Aaliyah… sad she won’t be in it.