Matrix effect

im doing a movie, and for the intro i would like a matrix effect, i have checked the different sites that provides tutorials and cannot find any tutorials.

I would appreciate any help on this one.
Im a noob aswell. So plz if u can explain detailed =))…

Thanks for a great community. =)

there’s a recent topic about this in the actionscript section.
i think there’s also an attachment. you might want to search for it :slight_smile:

and i know there’s some movies at as well …

thanks =)

… hehe one more thing, If u dont understand what im talking about but lets try =). For example in a clan movie you have to ofcoarse introduce the players in the clan. The point here is, i wanna do a nice text effect, not anything that explodes or falls apart, i just want som action. Maybe text behind the text so it looks cool. Its really hard to explain and i really dont have any good example. If u understand what im talking about and gotten any neat methods of doing this, please dont be afraid of trying new ideas =). since i cannot come up with my owns i ofcoarse any suggestion.

what are you asking and send me an example of the matrix effect.

He already had his question answered in the old forums. Just let this thread die.