Matrix Movie with strange frame (great challenge for U)

i download 3 matrix movie from the net. I wanted to edit it so i open flash 5, export, and so it is protected with password. So i download “flash toolset” to unlock password and i did.

When i see the movie frames, that are differents what i saw. the problem is just between one frame, for example “frame 534 to frame 535”, actually there are at least more than 8 frames in them, but i just do not know how to open.

Does this flash 5 has hide frames option? If no, where do the frames goes?

those who wanted to try out and help me, please go to here and download movie 7(812KB), most top right hand corner and then download Flash toolset (128kb) to unlock password. I just cannot figure out.!!!

Naughty naughty.

Are you stealing people’s stuff?

devil be gone!

maybe the reason you are ‘missing’ frames is because the timeline you are looking at stops and a movie clip plays 8 frames then the timeline resumes.
just a thought.

NAh, it’s fate punishing you for examining something which isn’t freesource.

figure it out… :slight_smile:

for all you reverse-engineers out there:
great for getting code out of swf’s and cleaning up your own code after compiling the swf.