Maximise browser window

Could anyone help me?

I need to know how to make the first page in my web site automatically maximise when a user surfs onto it.

I need this desperately.

Any help appreciated!

GOOD headline!
But tell us, is this 1st page HTML or Flash?
If it’s html, you need a javascript to detect the screen.availableWidth + screen.availableHeight, you will, I think, find this at
Else, in Flash, you have fscommand(“fullscreen”, “true”); to be placed in any keyframe at the beginning, in combination with
fscommand(“allowscale”, “false”); to keep people from resizing the window.

Thanks for the reply Eyezberg.

The first page is a very simple Flash page, so ill give your suggestions a try!

Thanks again, cheers!

That worked a treat.

Cheers again Eyezberg.

U the man!!!

Welcome, cheers back 2 ya :wink: