Maximizing/minimizing window help

do i post too much here?? :stuck_out_tongue:

just wanted to know if anybody knows how to make the scene follow the size of the window. the problem I’ve encountered is that when I try to make the window larger by maximizing it the scene still stays in the middle and it’s still little. There’s too much empty space surrounding the scene it doesn’t look all that nice.

would appreciate your help soon.


You can change the movies WIDTH and HEIGHT both to 100%. This will stretch the movie to fit the whole window, but it may cause distortion in any images you have in the movie. It also may cause lagging on slower machines.

one last thing I’d want to know.

can I just remove the maximize button on the window where the player opens the flash file??

how do i do that??

thanks! :slight_smile:

Are you using chromeless windows? Or do you mean your standard browser window?

i have no idea what chromeless windows are but i think what im using is just a standard browser window.

is it possible to take the maximize button out of a standard browser window??

thanks for you help…


Nope, it is not possible to take the Maximize button out of a browser window. If you are using a Pop-Up Window you can disable the maximize button, so that it can’t be clicked, but I don’t know of a way to do this without it being a Pop-Up Window.

ok… maybe il just disable it.

thanks so much for the help. :slight_smile:

You can specify the page to open in any size (within reason ofcourse) from Dreamweaver’s Open In Browser Window behaviour. Just specify the URL you want to pop up and the size in pixels and … well you should know all this so I appologise if I am beginning to sound patronising.


You don’t sound patronizing as_clark20.

I have included a .txt file attached to this post. It teaches how to make pop-up windows in Javascript, just in case anyone doesn’t know. It also explains how to disable and enable certain features of the window.

It is kind of hard to read because I just wrote it real quick in Notepad, sorry.