Maya 6 / Softimage|XSI 4

Following up on Stankoina’s announcement of Maya 6 coming out of beta, it has now been launched.

Softimage|XSI has also launched XSI 4.

Enjoy the new prices :hangover:


Seems like a lot of people are able to buy Maya or Softimage…or are they the PLE and 3.5 XSI EXP versions?..must be.

Don’t want to think of anyone doing any :pir:

Frittz a lot of people’s companies will buy it for them.

Maya 6 Unlimited is now on OS X for those of you who hadn’t heard the news. 25% of Alias sales are on Apple systems now :smiley:

has apple introduced a 3 button mouse? Maya needs that.

I remember i was so sick of the one button mouse at work, i took my own PC USB mouse and used that, worked fine straight away. hehe…

Yikes! Good companies! :wink:

I understand a lot of people do get it the legal way. Next week I’ll be ordering mine. Maya PLE really convinced me. :smiley:

Been playing with XSI Exp for HL2. Nice as well.

Sweet Frittz - good luck with the funding :wink:

Soulty - Apple currently does not produce a 3-button mouse, but any USB enabled mouse will work with no problems :smiley:

Aye…funding…that’s the rub! Thank god I have a TV spot to work on, will justify it. :wink:

i’ve been on the houdini learner version forever and I still can’t extrude a cube… :shame: