MC Array with Alpha script nav bar

Ok, sorry to post twice so quickly, but I thought i could figure out part two of my quandery but I couldn’t. so here goes…

I have 6 buttons in a navigation bar…(all movieclips acting as buttons).

I have assigned these buttons to an array.

buttonArray = [_root.homebutton, _root.releasesbutton, etc.]

Now I would like to have the other buttons fade out when any of these buttons is rolled over (alpha fades to 50), and then they should fade back to alpha = 100 when rolled out.

The hard part is what to do with the button that’s being rolled over. Since it’s part of the array, it will fade as well, but I was hoping that an onRollover onDragover event that changes tint or alpha might override this? Basically I’m a little over my head and any help (techincal or strategic) would be much appreciated.

END GOAL: to have the other buttons in the navigation bar smoothly fade out when any button is rolled over, and a smooth fade in when rolled out.