MC buttons launching External SWFs w Transitions

Hello all,

Please bare with me… I can handle animation but am somehow ignorant about ActionScript as my knowledge of Flash goes back to the Tell target actions…

I’ve been playing around with 2 tutorials I’ve found on Kirupa (see links below) in order to build a text based navigation:

My first level is made of MC buttons. All working great when adding the script indicated in the first tutorial.

From there, I would like to be able to load external SWFs when clicking on one of those first level buttons and in order to do so I added the script from the second tutorial (Transitions Between External SWFs)

Doing so, I was told I could only add that script on button symbols which is unfortunately i not an option at this point.

My question – how can I launch external SWFs that would allow transitions from those MC symbols?

The tutorials:

Complex Button RollOver/RollOut Effects

Transitions Between External SWFs