Mc control

hi everyone,

new around here and thought someone knowledgable could help.

i created a sliding photo swf. by itself i works, yet when i load it in another movie, the buttons dont call on nothing. i think it could be a wrong target path or who knows.

the frame action is as follows:

onClipEvent (load) {
myNumber = _parent._parent._name;
mySpeed = 10-myNumber;
onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
Xsquare = this._x;
Xdiff = _root.Xpos-Xsquare;
Xmove = Xdiff/mySpeed;
this._x = Xsquare+Xmove;

and i have 5 correlating buttons that f.e. with …

on (release) {
Xpos = -125;
move the clip. i tried everything possible, … = -125; … and so on …

anyone some thoughts, … please help.
thanx in advance

Ok my actionscripting skills is still horrible so this is a blind shot. How about trying this action:

on (release) {
_parent.Xpos = -125;

Hope that helps. :-\

… seems they are better than mine …

it works … awesome and … (unbelievable, that the file was rotting somewhere for the past 6 month cause it didnt work).

must be magic :crazy:
appreciated and thanx for your help

lol I’m glad to be of service and welcome to Kirupa. I hope you’ll stick around and feel free to ask questions. =)

thanx for the warm welcome, and i guess … yes, need to stick around with more questions, 'cause my horrible skills dont solve problems as fast as yours do!!!

…ok, its kind of a follow up on the 1st question. this picture sliding thingy i made holds 5 pictures (each 588x408 pixels). i figured (as i got a grey background when i extended this, … MUST be the limit of the workarea or whatever?) who knows?

but what, if in this photo section i want to put 15 pics? (right now i tried and it works, attaching 3x the mc with of course different images. the first 5 are on level 1, 6-10 on 2 etc. it looks ok if you klick through the images and scroll from 1,2,3 -15, but if you jump between image 3 on level 1 and image 7 on level 2, they of course dont move 'cause of the same x-value. i could deal with it, … but, well … guess NOT!!!

to cut a long story short. is it possible to attach them, so it looks like a continous flipping through? i guess thats what i am looking for?

any suggestions, tips, or even a tutorial link that i can cry over and pull my hair, would be the best xmas gift EVER <:} (not really, … but i had to come up with sth., right !!!) :sigh:


wow it sounds like you have a big mess there. :stuck_out_tongue: Well if you don’t mind starting over, I think this tutorial on the photo gallery would be better since it puts all your images in a array for better management and also allows you to scroll through them. Here’s the link to the tutorial, hope it helps. =)

Oh and you can also download the source fla for either flash 5 or MX at the bottom of that tutorial.

thanks for the fast reply and the link…

well, that its a big mess, … kind of. but i do have other versions that i worked on and are like the sliding in your link. so lucky me. =)

i just though there is a way of doing it like this:

where you could extend the numbers to 15 and it still would work? otherwise i do go with the more simple version. in deed, less pain to work on …

thanks, and feel free for more suggestions … if you come across any!!!

Well that tutorial was writen by Pom so maybe he can answer your question. I’m sure he’ll come across this thread sooner or later. He’s the flash god of this forum. =)