Mc inside mc PLEASE HELP!

hi guys…well i been stresin for the past week because i can’t get this to work…basically, i have a movie clip, it has a graphic in it that says “about us” … i used a movie clip instead of a button because i wanted the “about us” to have some kinda animation when the mouse goes over it…anyway…now i have another movie clip [symbol 6] inside my “about us” movie clip…[symbol6] movie clip is basically a menu that pops up … now inside that [symbol 6] movie clip consists of several buttons where u can click each one and go to another site…but now the buttons is not functional…i edited the up over hit and down frames in the buttons so they can change font color and stuff when the mouse goes over each button, but the buttons doesnt seem to work…can anybody PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME OUT…

here is the file if u need to look at it: