MC like button/Invoking another mc to place

Hi - I have a big problem and please help me to solve it. I have moviclip called “b1” which I am using as a button. This b1 is in the shape of switch and when I am clicking on it it turn right and when I’m clicking again the switch is turning left to the primary position. this action is explained by AS code:

left = true; 
 b1.onPress = function() { 
      if(left) { 
      left = false; 
      left = true; 

My problem starts when I want to invoke another movieclip in some place of my scene ( place described by X: and Y: ). I used to invoke clips by this code:

b1.onRollOver = function () 
   var klip:MovieClip = this.attachMovie("kwadrat", "kwadrat1", this.getDepth(), {_x: 560, _y:75}); 
      var klipa:MovieClip = this.attachMovie("fkck", "fkck1", this.getNextDepth(), {_x: 489, _y:73}); 
b1.onRollOut = function() { 

And only thing which I do is that I have to modernize this AS code for my own requirement. My problem is that I don’t have any idea to connect those two codes. My scene ( my menu bar which I was talking about) looks like that:

and please click one of the buttons to see what i am talking about. Sorry for my English but I’m still learning. Best reagards Paul :slight_smile: :bu: