MC scroller html textfield/character problem!

Hi Guys,

I’m having an issue with the display of html-text and special characters in an
Mc scroller clip…(I think the problem lies inside the “depth path” of the textfield …in this clip…)

like for example the letter “é” in my dynamic textfield
also <B> bold </B> function, making html links etc etc doesn’t work…

I can’t narrow it down

i’ve tried “system usecodepage=true” but this function …is’nt appropriate for what I want

Just plain html-text with special character support…:slight_smile: would be great

I attached the .fla (8) file

Hope someone can help me out!!:slight_smile:



(seems like a dummy question…but…it’s more tricky this time I think…)


text=<b>Yogaplace Namasté </b>