MC withing a button - and stopping the MC

Ok, here’s the setup… I want to make a “sitemap” button that starts off with a static earth with the words “Site Map” over that. no problem… then when you roll over it, i want the earth to spin. also no problem. here is the problem… when you roll out, i want it to do more than just stop… i want it to freeze on the earth frame it was currently on, rather than skipping in the animation and returning to the first static earth picture…

ideas i have had is maybe keeping the “animated” earth (which is just an imported gif, i.e. an mc with about 11 frames) but for some reason i’m having a mental block and i can’t figure out how to get the mc (which is within a button) to stop and play on command… i start the movie and it plays. it’s probably something easy i’m overlooking, but if there’s a better way please let me know.

[COLOR=blue]on (rollOver) {
on (rollOut) {

Is that what you’re using? If it is that should work. The stop should stop where it is and not jump to any specific frame.

Also the MC doesn’t need to be within a button. You can use more flexible actionscript on the movie clip and still make it behave like a button. Unless there’s a reason you need in to be within the button.

nah i just thought that was how it had to be :slight_smile:

when i took it out of the button, that code (Which i was indeed trying to use) actually worked. thanks. it was one of those “duh” questions lol, but it still feels like monday today so… :slight_smile:

it IS Monday!!


for me it is tuesday (even though i still maintain it doesn’t feel like it!) :slight_smile: thank goodness lol. that means only 3 more days till i can sleep in again hehehe