mc1 + mc2!

Ok I’m tryin to make my site to load as quick as possable so what I did is make extra mc’s, Now say I want mc 1 to be part with mc 2 same time, What I did in mc 1 was make a empty mc named it DD. I then placed a new layer and draged the mc to screen. I then in actions added.

loadMovie(“dd.swf”, “_parent.container”);

But its not working :a: I know its something silly but for the life of me cannot see whats wrong. I also tried this in actions


Still not showing mc 2 dd inside mc 1 Some kind person
put me right please.


Regards Barrie

Not quite sure what you are trying to do, but as you’ve pointed out, it’s probably something simple. Try

loadMovie(“dd.swf”, “_root.container”);
loadMovie(“dd.swf”, “_parent._parent.container”);

  • check the path to the swf
  • check for spelling mistakes or capitalization in your file and instance names

Where is the loadMovie action? If it is on the main timeline, I would guess that from your description the actions should be:
loadMovie(“dd.swf’”, _root.mc1.mc2);

Did you name the swf “dd” or “DD”?

You’ve probably checked all of this but you’ll headbutt something if you later find out it was one of these things.

I know its not the spelling the dd.swf is just that. Let me try and explain better… It’s like this. I have made a photo Gallery
here is the link.

Ok now you see all around is blank space. I made a seperate movie what fits a around photo gallery too fill page. called dd.sfw .
hope that helps with what I a trying to do. loading Gallery swf
with the back ground dd.swf. same time.

Regards Barrie

What I did in mc 1 was make a empty mc named it DD

Is dd MC1 or is dd supposed to be a container ?
Maybe post your files, so it will be clearer

I would post the fla but they are to big so I made this hope you understand. Basically just want to run an extra swf mc ontop inside of another.

Regards Barrie

  1. Create a new layer in pg, put it under layer1
  2. Create a empty movieclip, give it instance name “container”, drop it on layer 2 in the upper left corner
  3. Create a new layer, put in it [AS]loadMovie(“dd.swf”, “container”);[/AS]
    and it’s done

That was it I was lookin for I forgotton instance name I had every thing else what am silly fool I am. I new it was something silly.

Thanks Ubik

Regards Barrie.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: