McGiver's Suicidal AI

McGiver dude,
I was just playing with your footer again.
(It distracts me from doing work everyday without fail)

But I got to Level 4 because the AI killed itself three times in a row. One time by shooting straigt up and landing on itself again and again and twice by driving backwards off the map.

It was pretty funny.

Update: I fixed another bug, It was possible to fire a round of rockets, switch to another weapon, and the rockets would have done the damage of i.e. the gun, each.:blush:

  • I wrote a small phpfile that will save statistics of how many people passed each level. So keep on playing to keep the statistics high :wink:

McGiver, how do you play? I dont get it…

RPG character with old man voice: “You are too young little fellow emember the times where we played games like worms…”

  1. Instructions
    -*move the mouse in the direction you want to fire *(right and somewhat above the enermy tank, because the projectile will be affected by gravity and the wind (->clouds) )
    -press the left mouse button. The velocity the projectile will have increases now each frame.
    -*release the lef mouse button *if you think you have the right **direction **and velocity. Firing in an angle close to 90° can cause the projectile to come back on your tank! :wink:

  2. Tactics
    -the little boxes that fall in from time to time are gifts like “more armor”, “more life” or “bigger explosions” that affect the player who hits them.
    -Faster Projectiles can get closer to the tanks’ cores, and do more damage. Bullets fired in a higher angle, will gain more speed coming down.
    -Defeat enermys to get a bigger arsenal of weapons. Switch between your availible weapons by pressing 1, 2 and 3 on your keyboard.
    -Armor protects the tanks from damage. The less armor a tank has, the more damage it take on each hit. A tank with low armor can take damage/come apart, even if a detonation is a tree away. The Smartgun destroys armor on a direct hit, gifts can add armor.
    -If a tank falls on the floor of the footer it will drown/be burried alive, so take care that your enermy doesn’t blast the earth under your feets/wheels.

Any more questions? :slight_smile: