Me practice my illustrator


I know…yeah…I’m bored…so I decided to design something random…:to:
Made by 100% illustrator vector. I happened to have this design when I play around with shapes…and hey…it looks like a cat or something…so there you go. If you notice the cat’s face(beside the biohazzard sign and the eyes) is actually made all made in one shape of an axe.

Just an mockup design, can be finished product as well but is up to you guys to decide for me :glasses:

The 2nd version:

Hmm…ok…I play around the filters and colors and came out this two designs. I’m trying to make it more realistic. This time is not just pure gradient spamming, it looks slightly better for me. Maybe there is more gradient than before but I felt that it seems to look better, but I’m not sure how bout you guys

Welcome to critcise my thing as long as if you tell me how do I improve my thing. By the way.

Alright, the first one looks slightly darker. Like a dark knight version of my cat, shadows and everything. Looks more chaotic.

The second one is have a more metalic feeling, slightly more realistic metalic texture. (It looks the same as the original ones? Definitely not, click to fullscreen and you’ll tell the difference.)

Which one is better, original, dark chaotic or the the metalic ones, or they all suck?

BTW~I can’t seem to add noise in illustrator, must I do it in photoshop?

Also to Anogar, using lesser gradient seem to look a bit wrong to me. Maybe either I’m not skillful enough or I really ran out of design ideas. Like, what will you do?