Media Controller Component

Can anyone instruct me on coding this component to work. I want it to be able to load songs from a web source, and play them. If someone could post the action script, that would be great thanks!!

same problem here, nobody anywhere seems to explain how to be able to stream multiple mp3’s in this component, and not in one website I can find a tutorial I can understand about making my own mp3 player that streams mp3’s, so I’ll just skip it entirely… grrrr

big V productions;)


ok here we go.

To set media for the media player to play (tounge twister :P) you need the following action script.

myMediaPlayer.setMedia("myVideo.flv", "FLV");
myMediaPlayer.setMedia("mySong.mp3", "MP3");

once the media is loaded into the component you will want to be able to control it. This is done easily with

for things like volume control, a listener is required. heres an example.

var myListener:Object = new Object()
myListener.volume = function(){
myMediaPlayer.addEventListener("volume", myListener);

in the previous code, “myListener” is set up to react to volume changes in the myMediaPlayer instance.

Hope this helps some :stuck_out_tongue: