Media Display problems

I am having a problem with the Media Display component.

Basically what it needs to do is play an flv full screen. The media display is in a movieClip. What I need it to do is this:

when the container movie clip is shown. Create the mediaDisplay (createClassObject). and play the flv. and keep looping the flv.

when the container movie clip is hidden. destroy that mediaDisplay (it needs to be completely gone, out of memery, out of flash… so it frees up the cpu resources).

when that container movie clip is show again. it needs to create the mediaDisplay and play it / loop it again… until the container is hidden. basically its a big loop of those two pieces of functionality.

The problem is this: when you hide / destroy the movie clip. resorces don’t get freed up for the cpu. (watch the task manager’s cpu activity)… i’ve got a big application that this problem is killing.

hope you can help me