OK, I have a REALLY urgent problem right now that is already past it’s deadline.

Basically, I have a streaming Windows media file and I want to embed it in Flash with the MediaPlayBack component.

The problem is that basically, it just doesn’t do anything!

I’ve attached the .fla. Hopefully someone I’ve helped can help me out too as I’m in a lotta trouble with this deadline!!!

Sorry, it seems it won’t let me attach the .fla as it’s over 2Megabytes but it’s just basically a MediaPlayBack component with the above URL in the URL field.

Actually, I’ve uploaded that file that wouldn’t attach here:

MediaPlayback is not going to play WMV file. It’s a flash component design to work with FLV files. If you want to have your video loaded by flash , convert your WMV to FLV (if you can use source file like AVI, uncompressed) and then it will work.

Read more about Flash video techniques on our page :wink:
Good luck.