Menu like metallica

Can someone tell me how i can make a menu like on ?

Yeah pretty ez,

What part do you want to know how to do? All it really is a menu with a rollover sub nav…

The key is invisible buttons.

Thanks :).

When the mouse pointer is over for example fanzone it pop ups small links over it, that is what i want to know how to do.

All that is, is a rollover. Here is file for you to look at.
Tell me if this helps?

great :D… thanks!!

Hey that file looks familiar…

[SIZE=1]cause I created it. :lol:[/SIZE]

lol Yeah, I got it from u. Just trying to help!!

Lol, it’s not a problem at all… actually it’s a good thing. The second a file’s posted it becomes a public file. :thumb:

Coo :thumb: